Phase #1: Planning

The planning phase is very important, this is where we meet with the client and get a clear understanding of their specific needs and desires, we also gather information like, the purpose of the event, the location, hours and any special requirements they may have. We do our best to bring to life your dream event no matter what the occasion. We’ll also exchange ideas and add value by making suggestions and providing innovative alternatives to help you bring your vision to life.

We like to collaborate as much as needed with our clients in every aspect of the planning phase, which is why we’ll prepare a reasonable budget and commit to adhere to it in the process of coordinating the event. We won’t go past your desired budget, but we’ll also do our very best to bring every idea you want for your event in a cost-effective way to make it a reality.

After all our top priority is making our clients happy. Our goal is to be attentive and follow all policies and procedures established by the client. We’ll take care of planning each and every every little detail based on your tips, ideas but most importantly we’ll make sure to verify every decision we make with our client to ensure complete agreement and satisfaction.

Phase #2: Organizing

Once we have everything planned our second stage in the process of coordinating your perfect event is organizing the event. This is when we coordinate all the logistics of the event, with decision-making and immediate response. Our job is to make sure everything goes as planned during the course of the event which is why we search and book rooms, accommodation and transfers for delegates or guests and representatives who require it and if are needed depending on the requests by the client and/or event.

We’ll search or recruit the right people to cover the various aspects of the event (waiters, bar staff, valet parking for parking, ushers, etc.). Of course the client is welcome to provide their own references to staff or people needed for the event.

Our job includes organizing and ensuring that all contracts and deposits are made in order and within the time required for the event. Basically, by us taking care of everything we allow our clients to focus on the stuff they want to do and not be overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to organize the event.

Phase #3: Executing

The final phase is execution, this is where we put into place everything that was planned previously with the client when we arrive at the date of the event. Before the start of the event we’ll begin testing optimal functioning of all the elements and equipment required to ensure the quality of the service. Communication is the key aspect of any successful event, which is why we’ll maintain continuous contact with external service providers to facilitate the smooth running of the event.

Each staff member and organizer will have a clear blueprint of how the event will run ensuring that all menus, postcards and/or any other printed materials are set for all guests. We’ll make sure every request that was made by the client for the event is set and we’ll prepare for any unexpected problems (faulty equipment, shortage of menus, etc.) that might come up during the event.

Our expert touch, combined with the application of knowledge, skills and years of experience putting events together will ensure our client avoids an enormous amount of work and the stress associated with planning, organizing and executing an event.

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